About Papyrix

Go deeper, share more of what matters... securely.

Papyrix is a secure platform for sharing meaningful stories and making deeper connections with family and close friends. We are a privacy-first platform, so write more and share freely. We make sure no-one sees your content before you ready. You decide when to share. Share with your closest friend circles and easily invite them in to see your private story.

Build deeper stories, much faster! Start a travel experience or a holiday party or lifes most important memories. Then when you are ready upload limiteless photos, share with close friends and let them collaborate and go deeper in tight groups you control.

Build legacy and capture life's important moments of life in the Papyrix Vault and store pictures and stories to share with your children and grandchildren for generations.

Remembering sports great victories or epic battles can be captured and recounted with team members.

Journal your daily experiences and thoughts. Take your journal with you everywhere. Never forget what matters most to you again.

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Features & Benefits

The Papyrix story telling engine is dedicated to enriching life and capturing the great memories that make life unique for everyone. We see story as a connection of many dots and a story "engine" supports the deeper experience of real life letting users navigate a story in many directions and see it from many angles. You get it started and then let family and closest friends expand and enrich going deeper and deeper, capturing the most memorable perspectives about the best of times.

We are currently in Beta. While we work out the kinks. Please invite your friends, and share your feedback. We want to hear your thoughts!

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